Live on FLAMN: Silofais Convention Discussion

Immediately after the Silofais Convention finished at 9:30 PM UTC, 29/04/2017, David Ross presented a discussion looking at what was covered in the convention, other Micronational news, and what FLAMN is. Take a look at the highlights below, or watch the entire 30 minute livestream.

David Ross will be publishing a written report of the Silofais Convention soon.


Many Major Micronationalists Prepare for Silofais Convention

While the name “Silofais” may not mean anything to many people, Silofais has achieved a rare feat – encouraging many well-known micronationalists to join their ranks.

Introduced to the micronational world only a few months ago, Silofais seemed to be just another tiny micronation, led by a leader unknown in the community.

Avro Keatings spearheaded the development of Silofais, writing a 39 page constitution over four years, due to be ratified at the Ratification Convention in two weeks.

When asked how he felt, finally releasing this, Keatings told FLAMN News “It is a great relief that I have finally realized my vision of a good constitution, but now it is time to build a nation, and on that I am apprehensively excited.”

The Ratification Convention will both ratify the constitution and also discuss the future of this nation.

“Ultimately [Silofais] is meant to be a long-term project, in order to engage each Citizen in the building and maintenance of nations.” Keatings describes, “What does Silofais hope to gain from the convention? Our very direct purpose there is to form the Government, so that the nation may begin; but we also hope to bring together and unify a group of likeminded, inspired, and dedicated nationbuilders.”

The Convention will be held on the 29th of April, with FLAMN Senior Editor David Ross presenting an overview of the outcomes immediately afterwards.