Interview: Henry Clément

David Ross (DR): I would like to begin by asking you what you feel you have achieved in your term as Acting Chair?

Henry Clément (HC): We have achieved quite a bit. The 24 Hour Quorum raised over 200 dollars. We’ve revived the several inactive Secretaries, and we’ve vastly improved the spirit of the organization, among a wide variety of small accomplishments.

DR: So what is your reaction to the recent news that your opponent, King Max, has withdrawn?

HC: I’m happy that I’ll have the opportunity to serve as Chair. I don’t believe Max was ready just yet, but I’m confident that within a year or two he might be more qualified for the office.

DR: What is your aim now that you have the GUM’s formal mandate?

HC: While it’s not “formal” yet, I do believe that with this happening I have the ability to look forward. Projects such as the GUM Awards, GUM Social Media, Exhibitions, etc. will now be focuses of the GUM as we transition into the upcoming 6 month term.

DR: You were instrumental in forming the Secretariat for Public Relations and Press and also arranging the 24 Hour Quorum.

Is the SPRP going to simply handle social media? Or do you have other plans for it?

HC: It will be doing other things. I’m hoping to hand over some authority over the International Exhibitions, write news and Quorum minutes, and some design work.

DR: Do you intend for the SPRP to focus on internal communication between GUM members, or building new connections with new micronations?

HC: The SPRP will be balancing both of those. The SPRP Secretary, Alexander Gibbs, has told me on numerous occasions that he intends to foster relationships with micronations of other communities and hopes to see many of them join our own community, though at the same time the SPRP will focus widely on the aforementioned internal projects.

DR: Your main other achievement as Acting Chair was planning and organizing the second 24 Hour Quorum, are you pleased with the result?

HC: Very much so. We raised nearly 80 dollars more than the original 2012 event and with less delegates. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

DR: Are there any plans for another event of that scale anytime soon?

HC: I personally haven’t arranged for anything like that, though if another delegate wishes to propose a large project I’m more than happy to pursue the possibility of its undertaking.

DR: Thank you Mr Clément for your time, and good luck with the chair election.

HC: Thank you for taking the time to speak to me!